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Top-Rated Esthetics Products

Esthetics products from BBeautiful Injectables are some of the finest on the market. With top-of-the-line, professional-grade products and expert service, we provide customers with the latest technology to achieve their desired look. From facials and masks to foot and hand treatments, each service is customized to individual needs, helping clients achieve their esthetic goals safely and effectively. The experts at BBeautiful Injectables strive to give every client a tailored, individualized experience for a naturally beautiful result.

Facial Services

Nourishing Vitamin Facial- vitamins A, D, E, & C is massaged into the skin
to nourishes, hydrates, & protects skin while boosting collagen production.
Gives the skin a healthy appearance.

CO2 Carboxy Facial- Helps to resurface the skin and gives the brighter,
plump, & tighter skin, shrinks pores, & removes toxins. Great for acne prone

Medi-Microdermabrasian Facial- Gently removes the dead or damaged
skin layers. Rejuvenates & treats light scarring, discoloration, sun damage, &
stretch marks.

Hydration Facial- Removes dead skin cells & impurities while
simultaneously delivering moisture serum into the skin.

Bbeautiful Express Facial- Cleans, exfoliates, moisturizes, LED light
therapy. A nourishing mask is applied. Leaves the skin feeling hydrated &

Facial menu prices1.2

Facial Menu Prices2.2

Dermaplaning Facial $130

Microderm Facial $130
Service includes a double cleanse, followed by a diamond or crystal tip microderm, cooling/calming mask, serum, and SPF.


 LED Light therapy $25
 Cold Hammer $10
 Scrubber $10
 Hydro-Jelly Mask $15
 Facial Globes $10
Guasha $10
 Hot Stones $20

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