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Meet Our Spa Owner, Trinae Lashley

Trinae is a Tennessee native with traditional southern hospitality at heart. She grew up volunteering at nursing homes and devoting her time to helping others in need.

From a young age, Trinae knew her purpose was to become a nurse. She graduated with a nursing degree from North Georgia University and worked in the medical field for 33 years. Her career started with being a critical care RN, and her leadership skills paved the way to the position of director of operations.

After 33 years in health care, she followed her calling to help improve women’s self-confidence. Currently, Trinae is our injectable specialist and loves helping people bring out their inner beauty and self-confidence.

Medical Director: Dr. Michael Roberts

Spray Tanning Artist: Christy Keen

With 15+ years of experience in spray tanning, my goal is to not only help people feel good in their own skin but also to educate them to eradicate Melanoma.

A background in teaching, nutrition, and physical fitness has allowed me to create a business that fulfills me daily. Spray tanning is not just my job, it is an opportunity to help someone feel good when they look in the mirror.

Spray tanning has also given me a platform to educate every client on the dangers of UVB and UVA exposure. My “job” truly adds joy to my life. #educatetoeradicateskincancer #mel-a-no-more

Aesthetic Nurse Injector: Sarah Flaherty

Sarah is a skilled and experienced nurse injector with a passion for helping clients achieve their desired aesthetic goals. With 13 years of nursing experience, Sarah has developed a deep understanding of the highest patient care now met with restorative facial enhancing techniques. Known for her meticulous attention to detail and artistic eye, Sarah takes a personalized approach to each and every client, carefully assessing their unique facial features and concerns before developing a customized treatment plan. Sarah believes in enhancing natural beauty and strives to create subtle yet noticeable results that leave her clients feeling more confident and refreshed!

Sarah is known for a warm and welcoming touch, ethical approach, and commitment to providing the highest standard of care. Her ability to listen attentively and understand her client’s expectations allows her to deliver exceptional results that align with their desires. Sarah values building long-lasting relationships with her clients, prioritizing open communication and post-treatment support to ensure satisfaction and well-being.

When not practicing aesthetic nursing, Sarah enjoys spending time with her three sons, two of which Sarah and her husband Joe adopted as infants. Sarah truly believes in family, community, giving back, and strives to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

If you’re looking for a skilled and compassionate aesthetic nurse injector who can help you achieve goals, look no further than Sarah. Book a consultation today to embark on your journey towards enhancing natural beauty and renewed self-confidence!

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